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ShareWeather offers professional services for road and transportation customers. We are experts in winter road weather and possess the knowledge and experience to serve customers exposed to the most difficult conditions and with clearly expressed demands on the highest meteorological accuracy. Road weather is not solely about meteorology, the input and methods used in road surface prediction models reach beyond meteorology into several other research disciplines, application areas, and understanding of different sectors's demands. ShareWeather predicts not only the state of the atmosphere and what's happening in the air, but calculates the processes on the ground in detail with the highest possible local accuracy. Our system uses algorithms based on solid research on road meteorology and micro-climatology, twenty years of practice and meteorological forecasting. ShareWeather has long experience on traffic weather consultancy and services, including officials and media. In order to create the best services, we also put emphasis on the design. We've been studying professional users and their varying needs under several long research projects conducted at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Our research results are published in well-renovated scientific journals and at international conferences. Science constitutes the fundamental grounds of ShareWeather, while our design explores new ways of presenting weather information in an easy and attractive way. We know that our customers need to acquire complex information very fast and that valuable property, even lives, depend on the information they use in their daily operations.
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Katarina ElevantMeteorologist & Ph.D. in Media Technology (KTH)

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