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Our mission

Our mission is to offer the best weather forecasts and present them in elegant solutions that combine science and design. We develop own algorithms based on scientific work, and we design through studying user needs and behavior. Our services are aimed to make weather information accessible and useful, increasing the value of weather information to our customers' businesses, and improving the quality of life of our users.

Smart design and forecasts based on science

ShareWeather offers customized weather services based on science and smart design to both professionals and consumers. Our weather services predict not only what's happening in the air, but provide detailed forecasts of the entire process on the ground. Have you ever wondered what the weather forecast actually means, or tried to translate the forecast into terms and conditions that matter to You? Our mission is to sort everything out by explaining the effects of weather on your life or your business. We present the weather in smart and stylish animations and diagrams, condensing all that complex information into an understandable picture you'll be able to grasp within seconds. We create special variable sets for particular user groups and businesses. All our services contain detailed information on the consequences of weather on ground, and we transform them into understandable concepts and figures to help users apply the information in the most useful way. Our mission is to improve both the weather forecast itself, and the way it is presented. Our forecasts are based on the best numerical weather prediction models, to which we also add something extraordinary. ShareWeather is based on the latest research on interactive weather services, and we conduct leading academic research within that area. Furthermore, thanks to our meteorological expertise with long experience of complex and demanding weather conditions, we improve the weather predictions on local level. ShareWeather uses own algorithms based on solid academic research and long experience of weather services. On top of all improvements available through different technologies, we also introduce the concept of "share weather". With a simple click, the user can improve the weather forecast on local level. All you have to do is submit a local weather observation. With ShareWeather you will actually be able to improve your weather!

Our design and content

On top of a user of weather services might expect, our 16 day weather forecast also contains novel design, innovative features, and some unique meteorological content. This means that we display all the conventional meteorological variables describing what is happening in the air such as temperature, feels like, wind speed and direction, pressure, air humidity. However, we also want to give our users something more than an ordinary weather service. In addition, the user will get a number of other interesting and useful data as ShareWeather predicts what is happening on the ground. This makes the effects of weather visible, easily understandable, and very useful for planning different activities. You will be able to see how fast the grass and flowers grow, and get warned of icy roads, frost, drought, water, flooding. ShareWeather presents the weather in an entirely new way, yet, of course, also applying features you already are familiar with. Our main aim is to present the weather in a most realistic way, including the type and shape of clouds, picturing the reality as we predict it. Our animations are not just a fun experience, they predict the actual appearance of the sky. You might have seen weather diagrams, "meteorgrams", before. However, ShareWeather expands the concept of meteograms, just as we reach beyond the processes in the air to cover everything you can perceive on the ground and in the sky. Doing so, we use our "upside-down diagrams" to explain what is happening on the ground. These are simply diagrams starting from zero at ground level, with the area below the ground representing the value of a particular variable. The greater area, the larger value. For instance, we use upside-down diagrams to illustrate how fast grass and flowers will grow on a particular day, how much water there will be on the ground, whether there is some old accumulated snow and melting snow, or some of the water evaporated from the ground into the air. The areas you see represent the quantities of grass, water, snow, on the ground, for a given time. While weather services usually say how many much precipitation to expect for instance during one hour, ShareWeather will also show how much water or/and snow there will be many hours after the rain has stopped. ShareWeather attributes different precipitation categories and predicts the consequences on the ground such as possible icing, or growth rate of different crops and flowers, based on the amount of water on the ground and in the soil, and the effects of solar energy combined with cloudiness. Now, it is understandable why the complexity of weather can soon grow to a problem of understanding what the forecast actually means. We believe that pictures are a best way of communicating complex data. Eventually, the volumes of information become ungraspable if we ought to communicate the many effects of weather on the ground. In fact, it can be hard for professional meteorologists to smoothly take over after the night shift has left home. That is why ShareWeather developed a new way of communicating complex data. ShareWeather communicates through diagrams that condense many variables into a simple area or line graph. As a user, you will never have to read everything in order to understand the forecast. A look at the picture is aimed to provide you with information corresponding to more than fifty variables, most of which you do not have to care about at all. All variables are already embedded in our pictures.

Behind the weather forecasts

Our system processes information and improves the weather forecast on several levels and based on long experience of weather forecasting and professional users. We wanted to use that knowledge and make high-quality forecasts accessible to everyone. The first thing we do in order to improve the forecast is processing everything through our system where advanced algorithms take the forecast quality to the next level. Then, for increasing the forecast accuracy for a particular location, ShareWeather recalculates the forecast for the local conditions. This is how it is done: ShareWeather retrieves a more accurate position and altitude above the sea level in order to improve the forecast for a particular altitude. The user can also provide own input with an altitude of choice, which is particularly useful in mountain areas. Also, ShareWeather can use your input - a local observation submitted by you. All you have to do is to create a weather observation, based on a simple form with cloud pictures and text descriptions describing the weather at your spot. In less than seconds, ShareWeather will recalculate the forecast based on your report and other data, improving the forecast for your location. This way of treating and processing weather makes us a pioneer. ShareWeather was first to introduce the concept of "share weather", sharing weather data for improving weather data and forecasts, and, to our knowledge, ShareWeather is still the only provider of weather services that applies an advanced method for integrating crowd-sourced data for improving the weather forecasts. Our novel ideas received attention in both media and scientific journals.

ShareWeather privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us and ShareWeather is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Read more about how ShareWeather uses and protects any information you provide when using our services.


Professional services

ShareWeather offers professional meteorological services and consultation to customers within transportation, construction, agriculture, retail, health care, and sports including boating and golf. Our forecasting system not only predicts the status of the atmosphere, but calculates the impacts on the ground in terms of complex processes. We predict crop growth, road icing, surface type, weather mood impacting consumer behavior and health, to mention some among more than the fifty variables calculated by our system. We package different variable and data sets suiting the needs of different customer groups. Our products are a result of long practical experience of providing professional weather services and consultancy to customers, expertise in user-centered design, and academic research.

Consumer services

We want meteorological quality to be reflected in all our products. Our consumer services are designed to make the weather useful and fun, with a selection of basic variables that will provide an ordinary user with all the necessary weather information.

Mobile applications

ShareWeather is based on robust research in media technology, and strong technical skills including development of mobile applications and web applications. We design our applications from the tiniest elements to all the advanced functionalities and visualizations and the core of our domain - weather.

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Katarina Elevant

Meteorologist, Ph.D. in Media Technology, Founder of ShareWeather and inventor of the concept "share weather"

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