Application development and programming

ShareWeather develops applications for web, IOS and Android, available on AppStore and GooglePlay. Our mission to make weather data accessible and easily understandable, independent of the user's backgrund knowledge, is reflected in smart and stylish design which explores the limits of data volumes that can be contained in a single picture or graph. We care about design and science, and treat our users with respect. Our respect for meteorological quality and accuracy is an incentive to provide advanced and highly accurate forecasts to all our users including consumers. We do not trade quality for price, which is why you'll find that our services free of charge possess the same high quality we offer to professionals. Our business is based on providing a set of data that matches a particular user needs. Our professional users can purchase advanced services with a range of additional variable sets that suit their exact needs.


Katarina ElevantMeteorologist & Ph.D. in Media Technology (KTH)

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