A free version of ShareWeather Sky and the ad-free ShareWeather 16 Day Weather Forecast provide everything a user of weather services might need, and a little bit more. This app displays all the conventional meteorological variables describing what is happening in the air such as temperature, feels like, wind speed and direction, pressure, air humidity. In addition, the user will also get a number of other interesting and useful data as ShareWeather predicts what is happening on the ground. This makes the effects of weather visible, easily understandable and useful for planning different activities. You will be able to see how fast the grass and flowers grow, and get warned of icy roads, frost, drought, water, flooding. You can easily modify the threshold value that triggers a particular warning. ShareWeather presents the weather in an entirely new way, yet, of course, also applying features you already are familiar with. Our main goal is to present the weather in a most realistic way, including the type and shape of clouds. Altogether, we want to picture the reality exactly as we predict it.

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A weather picture

Our animations are not just a fun experience, they predict the actual appearance of the sky. The type and shape of clouds that are displayed for each timestep are carefully picked and based on a range of algorithms. The ground will also be painted based on advanced algorithms that calculate not less than 50 variables. Some of these variables are also presented in text. Our forecast predicts what the sky and the ground will look like 16 days ahead. You can navigate through time by swiping or using the play console (fast/24h or slow/3h forward/rewind). Also, several overview alternatives are available. By picking a magnifier, a diagram displaying 4 days or 24 hours will appear. Then the user might continue to add days by squeezing the diagram. Several options are available: 7, 10, 14, and 16 days. All 16 days can also be displayed in a larger scrollable diagram.

Weather diagram - the meteogram

You might have seen weather diagrams, "meteorgrams", before. However, ShareWeather expands this concept, just as we reach beyond the processes in the air to cover everything you can perceive on the ground and in the sky. Doing so, we use our "upside-down diagrams" to explain what is happening on the ground. These are simply diagrams starting from zero at ground level, with the area below the ground representing the value of a particular variable. The greater area, the larger value. For instance, we use upside-down diagrams to illustrate how fast grass and flowers will grow on a particular day, how much water there will be on the ground, whether there is some old accumulated snow and melting snow, or some of the water evaporated into the air. The areas you see represent the quantities of grass, water, snow, on the ground, for a given time. While weather services usually say how much precipitation to expect for instance during one hour, ShareWeather will also show how much water or/and snow there will be many hours after the rain has stopped.

Personalized weather forecast

ShareWeather is more than a weather forecast, it predicts the consequences of weather on the ground. When we created this app we used our knowledge based on previous work with professionals and lead-users who are extremely dependent on different weather conditions. We know that consumers also have their preferences and personal needs. With this app we wanted to give all users an opportunity to receive the highest quality weather forecasts that go farther than just presenting the weather, and predict events that actually matter to You. Many weather apps can tip their users whether to take the umbrella. ShareWeather will give a lot more. Is it dry outside yet, can I take my new shoes today after yesterday's rain? Is today a suitable time to plant some flowers in the garden, or could I as well wait for a couple of days for better conditions? Or, maybe I really have to postpone both the gardening and the car ride because of the night frost? The TV forecast said it's chilly, but I think if felt quite warm when sitting at that café yesterday. What will the weather actually feel like? Many users might get surprised to know that the weather forecast usually gives you the numbers, with little reflection on what the consequences really are on the ground. One reason is that predicting phenomena such as ice, frost, and crop growth, is far much complicated than a weather forecast. For instance, the road might get frosty although the temperature is a bit above zero Celsius. However, in the defence of all ordinary weather forecasts, they do not claim to predict more than what is happening in the air. Now, it is understandable why the complexity of weather can soon grow to a problem of understanding what the forecast actually means. We believe that pictures are a best way of communicating complex data. Eventually, the volumes of information become ungraspable if we ought to communicate the many effects of weather on the ground. In fact, it can be hard for professional meteorologists to smoothly take over after the night shift has left home. That is why ShareWeather developed a new way of communicating complex data. ShareWeather communicates through diagrams that condense many variables into a simple area, line graph, a picture of the sky. As a user, you will never have to read everything in order to understand the forecast. A look at the picture is aimed to provide you with information corresponding to more than 50 variables, most of which you do not have to care about at all. Our diagrams and pictures will show you the consequences of weather that matter to You. Our system processes information and improves the weather forecast on several levels and based on long experience of weather forecasting and professional users. We wanted to use that knowledge and make it accessible to everyone. The first thing we do in order to improve the forecast is processing everything through our system where advanced algorithms take the forecast quality to a next level. Then, for increasing the forecast accuracy for a particular location, ShareWeather recalculates the forecast for the local conditions. This is how it is done: ShareWeather retrieves a more accurate position and altitude above the sea level in order to improve the forecast for a particular altitude. The user can also provide own input with an altitude of choice, which is particularly useful in mountain areas.

Share the weather

On top of all the improvements we apply to our forecasts, ShareWeather also proudly presents a new and unique concept of "share weather". ShareWeather uses your input - a local observation submitted by you - in order to improve the forecast. All you have to do is to create a weather observation, based on a simple form with cloud pictures and text descriptions describing the weather at your spot. In less than seconds, ShareWeather will recalculate the forecast based on your report and other data, improving the forecast for your location. This way of treating and processing weather makes our forecast unique. Moreover, you will be able to elaborate freely with your own input, by solely choosing new input and submitting it. Since the origin of "share weather" is related to our scientific projects, if you are interested to know more, we encourage further reading on this topic in the literature. You are also most welcome to contact us in person if you wish to get more acquainted with "share weather" and our projects.

App development

Katarina ElevantMeteorologist & Ph.D. in Media Technology (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

We develop our apps ourselves, from the tiniest element to all the advanced functionalities and visualizations. Along the process we invite users to test our services in order to improve our design and conduct high-quality research.

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