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ShareWeather offers customized weather services based on science and smart design to both professionals and consumers. Our weather services predict not only what's happening in the air, but provide detailed forecasts of the entire process on the ground. Have you ever wondered what the weather forecast actually means, or felt challenged to translate the forecast into terms and conditions that matter to You? Our mission is to sort everything out by explaining the effects of weather on your life or your business. We present the weather in smart and stylish animations and diagrams, condensing all that complex information into an understandable picture you'll be able to grasp within seconds. We create special variable sets for particular user groups and businesses. All our services contain detailed information on the consequences of weather on ground, and we translate them into understandable concepts and figures to help users apply the information in the most useful way.

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Our mission is to improve both the weather forecast itself, and the way it is presented. With these two factores combined, we help our users to improve their quality of life or business. Our forecasts are based on the best numerical weather prediction models, to which we also add something extraordinary. ShareWeather is based on the latest research on interactive weather services, and we conduct leading academic research within that area. Furthermore, thanks to our meteorological expertise with long experience of complex and demanding weather conditions, we improve the weather predictions on local level. ShareWeather uses own algorithms based on solid academic research and long experience of weather services. On top of all improvements available through different technologies, we also introduced the concept of "share weather". With a simple click, the user can improve the weather forecast on local level. All you have to do is submit a local weather observation. With ShareWeather you will actually be able to improve your weather!


Release of a new version of our 16 day forecast and ShareWeather Road PRO

Planned release of the new version of ShareWeather Golf PRO

ShareWeather Apps

ShareWeather Sky

A free version of the ShareWeather 16 day forecast provides everything a user of weather services might need, and a little bit more.


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ShareWeather 16 Day Weather Forecast

The ad-free ShareWeather 16 day forecast is based on the best numerical models and our own algorithms.


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ShareWeather ROAD Pro

We developed a special advanced application for professionals within transportation and construction, presenting detailed information on processes taking place on the ground.


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ShareWeather GOLF Pro

The ultimate app for golf entusiasts, professional players and greenkeepers, predicting conditions on the golf course.


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